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Bonaiti Serrature 

Company premises cover a surface area of 17,000 square metres, with the various production units occupying 8,000 square metres of covered area, from the raw materials warehouse to the finished products warehouse whose 4,800 cubic metres store the 4,000 products to be distributed to 1,500 customers in Italy and in the rest of the world.
In the production departments, 71 staff produce 15,000 locks per day on 12 auto¬matic production lines that allow full control of operations and automatic packaging of every single product.
It should be emphasised that all lock components use non-polluting materials and the production cycle is pollution-free, which have led to a strong recognition of the Company as ecocompatible.


The Bonaiti Serrature design philosophy has always been that of anticipating market demand, proposing original, innovative technical solutions and seeking maximum product quality. Every new model produced over the years confirm this corporate policy which for the Company has meant investing a high percentage of its turnover, at the same time creating a highly professional technical team with a vast experience.
With the help of sophisticated IT systems, the technicians handle every project from kinematic characteristics analysis to specifications definition, from building the prototype to function testing. A testing station can handle function tests on every lock, simulating open/close cycles that can vary between 100,000 and 200,000 in number.

The Products
The company’s technological R&D has for over a decade allowed the production of a complete range of products that meet the demands of a market which called for: creating a product which, by combining different multi-faceted needs, solved a series of problems. This led to the magnetic lock which uses an operating system based on magnetic fields generated by nature’s own permanent magnets. The use of materials other than the old, noisy metal offers silent operation, whilst the inbuilt magnet means there is no longer a need for unsightly protrusion of catch and deadbolt mechanisms from the front plate of the lock. The overall effects of the lock’s structure can be summarised in a clean-cut design that integrates neatly into the lines of the latest door models. From our first model, B-One, we have gradually gone on to produce B-Two, followed by the exclusive B-Four, and even stepped into the realms of glass doors with B-Alex and B-Five. Magnetism has also allowed us to produce a further lock, B-NoHa, a handle-free model that therefore means doors no longer need to interrupt the formal architectural composition.

The products

The products


Bonaiti Magnetic Latches
$131.54 ex GST
Bonaiti Magnetic Latches
$131.54 ex GST

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