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Brand: Ferarro™ - MPN: N/A - Stock Code: FAR5L801PS-RND-SB - Unit: each

Finish: sb satin brass

$ 69.31 RRP

$ 62.38 ex GST

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Anodised Aluminium Handles



Anodizing is a metal finishing process used to give aluminium a stronger surface which is very hard and exceptionally wear-resistant. It is essentially a controlled procedure produce a uniform and dense layer on the Handle. Unlike other finishes like powder coat or electropainting, which can flake off or chip, anodised finishes are actually formed from the original material.



The unique aspect of the aluminium handle is that it is light compared to what it provides in robustness and strength. Aluminium is utilised in aerospace and motorsports engineering because of such attributes. Because of its lightweight, it reduces the wear on the springs and door latch, extending the life of the product. The Ferraro Anodised Aluminium handles are hand cast from high-quality virgin aluminium. They outlast similar products which are made from other materials.


Easy Maintenance 

A considerable advantage to the majority of property owners is that they won’t need to maintain Anodised Aluminium handles. Aluminium handles don’t corrode, resist rust and tea staining. It makes them perfect for use in all weather conditions, even in locations near the sea. Anodised Aluminium handles stand any climatic condition and weather element, including extreme resistant’s to sunlight.