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Giorgetto Giugiaro


Garessio, 1938
Giugiaro began his career as a designer at Fiat. At the young age of 21, Giugiaro became the head of the style office in the Bertone Body Shop, designing several classics such as the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT (1964). After a short stint in Ghia, in 1968 he cofounded Italdesign, a company which offers engineering and prototype services as well as styling. In 1981, he founded Giugiaro Design, which works with appliances, office furnishings, sports equipment, and packaging. The Volkswagen Golf (1974), Lancia Delta (1979) and Thema (1984), Fiat Panda (1979 Golden Compass Award), Uno (1983), and Punto (1993), are some of Giugiaro’s most famous cars. Today, Italdesign has over 800 collaborators and has extended its business to designing yachts, buses, and trains.

Olivari Tecno M182
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