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GPA Monti


Milan, 1948
Gianemilio, Pietro, and Anna Bertarini Monti opened their professional studio in 1948, right after graduating from university. They enthusiastically participated in the reconstruction of Milan after WWII with many residential buildings both in INA-Casa housing projects and in the center of town. Their production, especially their villas in Piona (1952), Morbegno (1957), and Forte dei Marmi (1957) were published on major Italian and foreign periodicals. They then received important commissions from Fiat and SNAM gas, such as the Pugnochiuso tourism center in Apulia. They were also active in design, creating products for De Padova and Fontana Arte. Their designs were rather experimental, since they were among the first to use plastic materials for illumination, with a series of lamps for Kartell in 1959.

Olivari Boma Nylon M501
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