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Studio Olivari


Borgomanero (NO)
Studio Olivari is the research office dedicated to material development and technological innovation. Studio Olivari introduced innovative finishing processes such as BioChrome® and SuperInox® and new solutions such as the low components. In more than sixty years the team has designed several Olivari handles, some of which have become popular sellers.

Olivari Bolzano M103
$409.5 ex GST
Olivari Clinica 140 M114
$387.23 ex GST
Olivari Chiara M125
$365.63 ex GST
Olivari Bios M204
$672.75 ex GST
Olivari Lesmo M211
$484.38 ex GST
Olivari Planet Q P195
$438.75 ex GST
Olivari Raffaella M128
$431.44 ex GST

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