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• Privacy: Locks but has access to unlock from the outside via a small hole or slot to insert a simple tool. Privacy locks do not offer security. Used on bedroom and bathroom doors.
• Passage: Latches door closed and does not lock. Used on hall and bedroom doors.
• Dummy: Used as a door pull. Most commonly used on the inactive door on double doors or wardrobe doors.

A dimension from the edge of the door to the center of the cylinder, knob or lever. Most common backset is usually 60mm or 70mm.

A Dummy handle is a fixed lever handle often used on cupboards or wardrobes.

A lever set is two handles used either side of the door. It comes with a spindle, as when you use a lever set you already have a latch in your door. If you do not, you will need to buy a latch or a mortice.

A passage set is a lever set with a latch

An Integrated Privacy Set is often used for bathrooms and toilets. It comes with a push button on the inside handle to keep people out.

A Privacy Turn is used in conjunction with a passage set for bathrooms and toilets